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Hannah Hawkins Photographer

There’s one thing you should know before you ask me to be your photographer

I might cry at your wedding. I can’t help it. I shoot with my heart... it’s why I’m a wedding photographer and love taking wedding pictures.   Few moments in life will rival the experiences of your wedding day, only we all know that moments are fleeting, gone in an instant.  After the rings are exchanged, the guests have eaten, the cake is cut and the flowers have died, how will these moments be remembered?   Because I am a storytelling photographer, I look for these moments, these experiences on your wedding day and capture them just as they are. Whether it’s your groom’s face as he sees you for the first time in your wedding dress, your dad’s tears during the Father Daughter Dance, or the quietness of an intimate moment between you and your bride, these are all small stories that make up the memories of your wedding day. How will these moments be remembered?  We relive our experiences through memory, through imagery and through story. Individual pictures are beautiful on their own, but when arranged together, they tell a more powerful story that may make you laugh or may actually bring tears to your own eyes as you relive your day.  

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