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Shane and Alyssa tied the knot on a beautiful Saturday in Skaneateles, NY.  As those of us who live in Syracuse and as a Syracuse photographer, we all know how the weather can be warm or cold, rainy or sunny... you just never know what you'll get in New York. But this day that Alyssa and Shane had been planning for so long was beyond perfect!

All of Alyssa's accents, from her dress, to her shoes, garter and rings were gold!  So simple, classy and elegant!

There may have been a debacle or two with the zipper on Alyssa's wedding dress but thanks to Alyssa's mom's sewing skills, a bit of needle, thread and super glue, all was remedied!

All of Shane's groomsmen getting ready and looking dapper!

Shane and Alyssa held their wedding ceremony at St. Mary's of the Lake Church in the village of Skaneateles, New York. 

Beaming... is the one word I would use to describe the expressions on both Shane and Alyssa's face throughout the whole ceremony!

One family tradition started by Alyssa's grandpa is that when it was time for them to say goodbye, he would pull a hankie out of his pocket, dab his eyes and wave it in farewell.  I love how they incorporated that into their exit from the church!

A grand exit in a 1973 Mustang!

The Bridesmaids

The Bride

Don't you just love the fun loving personality that is just so evident in Shane's demeanor?

The Groom

The Bridal Party

Alyssa's wedding bouquet was arranged by In Bloom!

One of the places we went for pictures was chosen  by the bride and groom specifically for the tree line with Skaneateles Lake in the background!  Very picturesque... no pun intended!

Like I mentioned... Shane and Alyssa had a gorgeous day... these picture and these clouds are not photoshopped!

Their classy wedding reception was held at the Skaneateles Country Club right on the lake which made for an amazing atmosphere all night long!

Mr. & Mrs.!

They also hired an amazing wedding band called Prime Time!  So much fun!

One of the most creative wedding speeches we have heard was given by Alyssa's dad who brought costumes and props along to illustrate his stories!  Not only was he creative but was so very thoughtful and tied the fun of the costumes to real, noteworthy character traits of both Shane and Alyssa.

The cake that Shane and Alyssa cut was baked by The Patisserie in Skaneateles

Lots of fun dancing!

Around sunset, we went out at golden hour for some wedding photos on the docks of the Country Club on Skaneateles Lake.  Growing up on Skaneateles Lake myself, this was a real treat as I love the water!

And their grand exit from the wedding reception in their Chrysler get-away car!

Andrew and I are so happy for the two of you, Shane and Alyssa.  Your love for one another was so evident to us throughout the day!  We look forward to what the future will bring you both!

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Skaneateles Country Club Wedding Pictures | Shane & Alyssa