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Welcome to Abby's Senior Picture blog post!  She and I had a great time together one Sunday afternoon this past fall!

Abby Hine's Senior Portraits-9

Abby usually works a seasonal job all weekend, every weekend in the fall but thankfully her boss was willing to give her the afternoon off!  She had just enough time to get home, do her hair and makeup and get all cute for her Senior Portraits!  Isn't she gorgeous?!

Abby Hine's Senior Portraits-67
Abby Hine's Senior Portraits-22
Abby Hine's Senior Portraits-15

Even just spending a few hours with Abby, I could also tell that she is such a sweet heart!

Abby Hine's Senior Portraits-50
Abby Hine's Senior Portraits-40
Abby Hine's Senior Portraits-61
Abby Hine's Senior Portraits-74

Abby also absolutely loves to ride horses!  While we weren't able to make it out to the farm where she rides, we were still able to find a barn and field to give her Senior Pictures the same type of feel!

Abby Hine's Senior Portraits-76
Abby Hine's Senior Portraits-90

Congratulations to you Abby and I hope you enjoy every minute of your Senior Year of high school!  I wish you the very best as you open a new chapter of your life in the spring!

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