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I probably had the most fun I've ever had at a family photo session than I had with Rachel, Sam and their kids.  We had a BLAST!  Check out the photos below!

We just kept the kids running, playing and moving and snapped as they bounced around!

What better day to get your dogs groomed than family picture day?!  With a bit a skill and a lot of luck we got everyone looking at the camera (or at least in that general direction!) at the same time!

I mean, who didn't love playing the "parachute" game as a kid?  I know I loved it!

Syracuse Family Portrait Photography

One of the things that Sam and Rachel do so well in all the years they have been coming back to me for pictures, is play with their kids.  Always enjoying life, its obvious  that they make time to have fun as a family.  

All you have to do is observe the way  that they look at each other to know what kind of relationship they have together!  And this is why I love take pictures of families... to capture in a moment of time the love and respect they have for each other.

And... sometimes the love you see  is for their favorite stuffed animals! 

One of the reasons I always aim to shoot an hour before the sun goes down is to capture the sun as it turns gold.  Not a big wonder why we photographers call it Golden Hour.  

I'm so glad that you stopped by to see Sam and Rachel's family photo session blog!  If you enjoyed what you saw, give me a shout out here as I'd love to capture your family's memories as well!

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