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Welcome to the wintery engagement session of Kathleen and Darek!  When I started  talking to them about  what they were hoping for in the "atmosphere" of their session, they told me they really wanted a snowy and cozy feel!  

This winter has been so unpredictable with the lack of snow but we finally found a day where there was some on the ground!

Kathleen had mentioned that they liked the look of Franklin Square Park but wanted something a bit more unique.  So I suggested Emerson Park on Owasco Lake in Auburn, NY!  It has the same wrought iron, brick, turn of the century feel but with the addition of being on the lake, having a pier and many other amazing aspects!

But let me tell you what troopers these two were... it was SO cold out there beside the lake that Sunday afternoon before the Superbowl game!

At the end of the session, Kathleen told me she couldn't decide between wanting to drink a beer while they watched the Superbowl or get a hot chocolate!  I suggested she could probably pull off both! 

Andrew and I are so excited as we anticipate Kathleen and Darek's wedding at The Genesee Grande in Syracuse on June 10, 2017!  Be sure to keep your eyes open for their blog post following their wedding!

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