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Becca and Steve are getting married in less than a month!  I'm so excited to share their Engagement Photos with you!

At every Engagement Session, there's always lots of kisses involved... this one just had a few extra thrown in!  

Owning my own Golden Retreiver puppy named Ronan, I was so excited when Becca asked if they could bring their dog Maddy.  Such a sweet, well behaved girl.

We had a perfect evening for their Engagement Photos... partly cloudy, not too hot.  Even if we were surrounded by scads of people playing Pokemon in the park!  

Such a tease, it looks like Becca might get wet.  One thing I learned about Steve that evening , is that he has served in the Navy as a rescue swimmer... so if Becca did fall in, there is no better person to save her than Steve!

So much more than best friends, Becca and Steve will be married in August at the Lake Shore Yacht and Country Club.  Be sure to keep your eyes out for their wedding blog post as well!

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