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On a beautiful day at the end of September, perfect for an outdoor, wooded wedding, Justin and Monica pledged their lives to one another.

With outdoor wedding ceremony plans, Monica was all smiles when she knew that it was going to be sunny all day!

Their day started at the Embassy Suites where Monica got ready!

I thought it was such a fun idea for Monica to not only have bridesmaids but also "brides men".  In her case, each of her three brothers stood on her side.

I just love this "brotherly love" photo.  And let me tell you, her brothers were just as attentive and helpful to Monica as any bridesmaid might be!  They were just awesome.

Don't forget the three adorable flower girls!

Monica and Justin's wedding ceremony was held at Mill Run Park in Manlius, NY.  Being a country girl, Monica really wanted a wooded feel for their wedding.  We made sure to lots of photos in the woods and by the creek right there!

And here is Justin and his guys... all ready to go.

There was no way I could leave this adorable wagon and its rider out... announcing the entrance of the bride!

One of the readings that Justin and Monica chose to have read during the ceremony was about how being in love is like owning a dog.  It was the most adorable parallel I've heard about love in a long time.  Being that these two love and own dogs, the reading was perfect.

The next few shots I can take no credit for.  On a day that was a bit chilly, Andrew took of his socks and shoes, waded out into the creek just to get these amazing pictures!!!

Yup, there he is... barefoot and all! 

We even had fun doing photos!...

... Which included Andrew wading across the creek again for another amazing shot.

Justin's family was so amazing to bring their antique Chevy truck  so we could use it for some fun photos!

Their wedding reception was held at Eve's Carriage Barn which was decorated perfectly for a fall wedding!

Please note the dog cake toppers... made by Monica herself!!  Amazing!

Reception dancing fun!

And a few closing night time shots!

Congratulations to both Justin and Monica... now Mr. & Mrs.!!  Your day was just perfect!

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