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Welcome to the fun loving blog post of Jake and Sarah's engagement session!  

Jake and Sarah were such troopers as I had mentioned that I found an amazing photo spot, but that they'd have to walk a bit to get there.  They didn't mind in the least and it was fun being able to chat with them on the way there.

I have to say, I loved how much fun Jake was and how it made Sarah laugh.  Any other girl might have said, "Stop goofing off, we're trying to get good pictures here!"  But Jake's fun loving goofiness made the their interactions together real.  He did something goofy, it made Sarah laugh, which in turn made Jake laugh. They're just that perfect together. 

I'm just glad that Sarah didn't end up in the canal like Jake was "threatening" to do!  

Jake and Sarah are getting married next July at Wolf Oak Acres!  I am so excited to capture their wedding day, their smiles and yes, their goofiness together!

If you'd like to see more engagement pictures, check out my blog here or send me off an email with any questions you may have!

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