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Kathryn, Andrew and I had only met briefly at a Bridal Expo before they booked with me.  But once we had spent some great time together during their engagement session, I knew that not only were they totally in love with each other but that they honestly and truly respected one another and considered each other their best friends.  From that day forward I knew their wedding day was going to be amazing!

Now when Kathryn told me that the wedding was going to be at the Gilbertsville Farmhouse, I thought she was honestly talking about a small family property.  Being nestled all the way down near Norwich in New South Berlin, NY I had never heard of it.  Oh but let me tell you, this venue that is run and designed by NYC natives Aldo and Sharon Boustani, the place was amazing!  Every barn venue that I shoot at all have their own unique features, and this one was no different.

Gilbertsville Farmhouse Weddings

While the wedding and reception were held in the barn, the guys and girls got ready right inside the farmhouse with room for everyone to prep!

Hair and makeup was done by Gina Tarbell who owns LUX Nails & Spa.  Be sure to check out Kathryn's hair in your portraits below!

I loved the design of Kathryn's dress as it seemed so perfect for a country wedding.  What made her most beautiful that day though, was her radiant, sweet, and quick smile.

With her sister on the right and her cousin on the left, Kathryn had her fun entourage with her throughout the day.

The Bridal Bouquet

Spinning... what little flower girl doesn't like to spin like a princess?

With Kathryn's sister as her Matron of Honor, it seemed only fitting for Andrew to have his twin brother as his Best Man.

And when the guys goof off... there's no turning back!

The First Look

One thing I love about shooting in the country is the clean, wide open spaces you have with nature all around you.  Kathryn & Andrew had such a beautiful day for their wedding!

Photo credit to my amazing second photographer Andrew!

And then this truck... !

Literally the best jump from every single person in this amazing bridal party... ever!  I'm pretty sure if the Avengers were recruiting they'd check out this bunch!

That quiet moment with Dad... just before you walk down the aisle.

Tears from a sister

Father/Daughter & Mother/Son Dances

When the flower girl gets bored and wanders away... way to catch the moments Andrew!

When your brother makes you laugh...

Dancing in the rain... literally

I seriously could give Sharon a high five for thinking of every little detail for her venue... clearly she knows what its like to be a woman that gets cold.

Our night as it came to a close

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I am so excited for both of you Kathryn & Andrew.  You both are amazing people and I know you'll have a wonderful life together ahead of you!!