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Welcome to James and Claire's Harry Potter themed Engagement Pictures blog post!  When I initially got an email from Claire inquiring about my photography and telling me that they were planning a Harry Potter themed wedding, I was so excited.  Have you ever struggled between being so excited inside you're freaking out but knowing that you should act professional?  Yep! That's how I felt when I got Claire's email!

The two of them brought along their full set of Harry Potter books, and to James' credit, he carried them all over Emerson Park in Auburn where we did their session!

These two are so cute together!  Claire had mentioned to me that they dated for 9 years!

Sharing their love for Harry Potter, they've decided to theme their whole wedding around the series by J. K. Rowling.  James even has the Marauder's Map tattooed on his one arm!

And who needs a traditional engagement ring box when you have a Golden Snitch you can open up and ask your girlfriend to marry you?!

We couldn't leave Claire's Tom shoes out of the shoot as they also were awesomely covered with the Marauder's Map!

We even got a bit of color and sunset in the sky for them!

Happy to watch their duel from the side, I can't tell you who pronounced the winning spell but there was definitely lots of action!

I am so excited for James and Claire's wedding for May of 2018!  You bet I'll be posting their wedding photos here when all is said and done!  

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