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How about we start our Wednesday evening with a bit of casual fun and hanging out? This is exactly what I did with Shane and Alyssa last week on a beautiful piece of property near Skaneateles! 

Best friends and so much more, Shane and Alyssa's proposal story is one of the most original I've ever heard.  One of the things they enjoy doing together is playing video games.  Shane got super creative one morning and told Alyssa that the Disney Infinity game had a few challenges they could go on in order to win some pretty sweet Star Wars  prizes in honor of the movie's opening day in theaters.  In order to enter the challenge, they'd have to record themselves playing  the game, and to be sure to read any messages that came onto the screen aloud.  As they began to play the game, Alyssa saw that she needed to follow the large golden rings up into Cinderella's castle where she found a treasure chest  with a note inside that read, "Do you believe in happily ever after?"  As Shane's character entered the scene, the note continued to read, "He does, and he has a very special question to ask you".  At that point Shane came over to Alyssa, saying , "I think they're talking to me!  Because you are the the princess of my fairy tale, would you do  me the honor of being my wife for the rest of my life?"  To which, of course, she replied, "YES!"  I sit here smiling as I write.  I just love their story!

We had the most amazing evening light for our session.  And Alyssa, who is a trooper, walked all over those back fields in her heels. I was so impressed.

With a cluster of trees on the property, Shane had cleared some of it out to make a special spot. I loved it because of the "tree tunnel" it created!

We had just enough time towards the end of their session to run back up the hill to catch some spectacular views of the sunset!

I am so looking forward to capturing their wedding memories in Skaneateles next year!  In the meantime, I know the two of you will continue to have adventures and create many more stories together.

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