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Welcome to Collin's Senior Pictures blog post!  Collin will be a Senior at Southern Cayuga High School this year and at this point, will be pursuing a degree in business when he graduates!

Senior Portrait Photography

With every senior portrait session I do, I like to take a lot of time before the session to find out who they are, what their passions are, and what they love to spend their free time doing.  One of Collin's favorite ways to relax is to fish.  I was so thankful that I had taken half a day a few months ago to scout out some new and awesome locations for my sessions!  As soon as I knew he liked to fish, I suggested starting his Senior Pictures session at this creek!

I also encouraged him to bring along his fishing pole as  a "prop" to add variety to his pictures!

Senior Pictures Fishing

The second location we hit for his Senior Pictures Session was a historic train station.  Once again, he'd brought a cap and a suit jacket to add variety to his photos.  I thought the cap meshed perfectly with the location we were at!

Even if we're on location, we can get a lot of great options to use as  your Yearbook photo as well!

I had a great time with you Collin during your session!  I wish you the best year of high school you've had yet and direction from God as He leads you in your future plans!

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