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My name is Hannah and I love life. It’s the little things, the details that make me smile... sunsets, coffee shops, the quietness of the country, pumpkin spice lattes, the playing of an acoustic guitar. I grew up in the country running barefoot in the summer and picking apples with my family in autumn. I have an adventurous side that loves snowboarding, scuba diving, surfing and trying new things. I married my best friend and am head over heels in love with his dark curly hair.  I'm also hoping that the newest addition to our family, young Master Hawkins, whom I'm also insanely crazy about, will also have his daddy's curly hair!

Photo above by Facibeni Fotographia

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always loved photography... the kind that takes your breath away with its warmth, its emotion, its mystery. That’s why one of my greatest joys in life is capturing the beauty and expression of life in a timeless photo. When you book me, I will not only bring enthusiasm to capture memories of your family or wedding, but I will also bring an eye for detail (you know, the details you spent endless hours on to make your event just perfect.) As kids, we often were asked what we wanted to be when we grew up followed by, “Find a job that you just love to do and you won’t work a day in your life”. That is why I do what I do... because I love people and photography is my passion. 

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Now, allow me to introduce my second photographer and assistant, Andrew!  You may be looking at this dark curly hair and thinking, "Now wait a minute...".  Yup, you guessed it!  Andrew is my husband  and daddy to our adorable little man, and I absolutely LOVE shooting with him!  Because Andrew is originally from the Philadelphia area, he's an avid Philly Flyers fan (and no, do NOT mention the Penguins!).  You'll often find him throwing a Frisbee around or telling silly stories to our two little guys .  He loves to experiment while cooking,  relax in front of his PS4 and is basically a neck tie guru.  If you and your groomsmen want suggestions on cool ways to tie your ties, Andrew is the guy to ask!

Photo above by Facibeni Fotographia

Not only is he a great photographer on his own, but he also brings a different eye and perspective to the table than I do.  As I generally do more of the up front shooting and engaging with you during the session or wedding, Andrew often times is able to step back and use our surroundings to frame and shoot the most creative photos, catching the most candid of moments.  One bridal party jokingly dubbed him The Photo Ninja because most times they didn't even notice he was capturing their fun!

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When we're not shooting weddings together, we love to travel, hike (especially in the Adirondacks!), explore new areas and learn its random historical  facts, hang out on the beach, read books together or see who can build the most creative ice cream sundae!  

We often call ourselves "Team Hawkins" and would love a chance to capture some of your most special moments!  

Photo above by Facibeni Fotographia

Photo above by Facibeni Fotographia

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