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Welcome to Sanjay & Phuong's wedding pictures blog!  It is always an honor to be present for a couple's wedding day  but I was even more honored to learn a few things about how Vietnamese families culturally celebrate marriage!  Stay tuned  for more of that further on in the blog!

Phuong's favorite color is Tiffany Blue and she spent much time tracking down all of her details in this color!  She also designed and created her centerpieces herself.  I was impressed with how well she tied everything together as even the jewels on the centerpieces match the jewels on her shoes!

Phuong actually had 3 dresses she wore that day for her wedding.  The first, traditional white wedding dress she had hand made was worn during her pictures and the wedding ceremony.  The second you see below is a culturally traditional dress.  Red, I learned, is the color associated with happiness, joy and celebrations!

Sanjay and Phuong held  both their ceremony and reception at Traditions at the Links Golf Course in East Syracuse.  

Not only bridesmaids but sisters... 

And the flower girl, fit to be a Disney Princess! 

She's already been practicing her curtsy!  I can't even get over the cuteness!!!

I love that both Sanjay and Phuong have similar interests!  He actually proposed to her at Comic-Con in NYC!

When you tell the bride to flirt with her groom... AH I love it!

Dip Kiss at Traditions at the Links Wedding
Bride's wedding pictures

This little guy is just old enough to know when his family was telling him to make a funny face.  Every time they asked him, he would make that face!!!

Wedding Ceremony at Traditions at the Links

This is the epitome of an epic wedding cake!  Half sweet Calla Lillies and half  superhero Batman!  And don't forget Phuong's love for panda bears!  Her hope and dream for their honeymoon is to go to China and be able to hug a panda bear.  

Traditions at the Links First Dance Wedding

After dinner, Phuong dressed herself in traditional wedding dress to mingle with her family and friends

And finally she changed into a shorter skirted dress so her Tiffany blue shoes could be showcased.  

I loved this sweet, warm night time shot 

I'm so glad you stopped by to check out Sanjay and Phuong's wedding pictures blog!  Together let's wish them a lifetime of happiness together!

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Traditions at the Links Night Time Photography

Phuong & Sanjay's Wedding Album Video