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The wedding day of Maggie and Mike was absolutely magical.  And not just any kind of magic!  No, it was Disney magic!

Maggie, like so many of us, are in love with Disney and with fairy tales.  In particular, Maggie loves the Beauty and the Beast story.  With that in mind, she themed the whole wedding after the movie!  As you can see the bridesmaid's tee length dresses look just like Belle's.

Maggie's dress also had hints of yellow to it on the top, but what you can't see (though in the photo of their First Dance) you can see  that the one side of her skirt was bustled up to reveal another glimpse of Belle's yellow underneath the tulle.

Tiara's are always in order when you're talking about fairy tales!

As well as Mickey Mouse shaped rings and earrings!

Since we all know that the character Belle loved to read, Maggie found a ring box that looked just like a library book!  I thought it was brilliant!

Both the Wedding Ceremony and the Reception was held in East Syracuse at Traditions at the Links.  The property is one of the more beautiful golf courses I have shot weddings at  with things like this white pergola in front of the pond, to  amazing landscaping, stone work, bridges and more!

Another really fun thing that Maggie and Mike did for their First Look was each hold a handful of balloons and let them go at the same time!  It was here that I realized they also love the Disney movie "Up".

Even Maggie had pearl shaped Mickey Mouse's in her bouquet.  

The weather was so gorgeous that it made for the perfect ceremony outside beside the pond under the pergola.  

Let's walk inside the reception space... immediately you see the Seating Chart entitled Be Our Guest!

The center of the tables decorated with clocks, candelabras, books, roses and table "chapter" numbers!

The cupcakes all had books or roses on them!

And instead of a Guest Book, Maggie and Mike had people sign the inside of the balloons.

Bride and Groom's First Dance where you can see the yellow tulle under Maggie's skirt.

Mike and Maggie couldn't have planned a better Disney wedding where the theme was clear but  definitely not overbearing!   Congratulations to you both!  We wish you your very own...

Happily Ever After!

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