A Creekside Engagement Session | Joe & Sarah - HHawkinsPhotography
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I first met Sarah at The Perfect Bridal Show at the OnCenter this January where she won the full wedding give away!  The venue that was featured in this give away was Wolf Oak Acres which is one of my absolute favorite places in this world and Katrina, who runs this venue sent her right over to me to talk photography!  Sarah was so excited and bubbly I knew instantly that we'd be a great fit to work together!  Sure enough, Sarah and Joe booked with me a few weeks later!  I was so excited to do their Engagement Session!

As we planned for their Engagement PicturesSarah mentioned that she loves the country and had found some Engagement Pictures online that were taken at a creek.   I knew that the perfect spot for that was Nine Mile Creek right outside of Marcellus!

Sarah  also mentioned that she loves the warm, sunny, back lit photos.  I suggested  jumping in the car and going right around the corner to the historic Martisco Train Station that has beautiful lighting!  I was also super thankful that we actually did have sun that evening... this is Central New York after all!

Nothing says autumn better than a warm hug wrapped in a cozy, plaid blanket!

In less than 12 months Sarah and Joe will be husband and wife!

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