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Welcome back to Wolf Oak Acres... one of my very favorite places to shoot weddings!  Today I can't wait to share Shannon and Todd's Best Day Ever memories!

Wolf Oak Acres Weddings

Maple Syrup Favors

And the bride is Shannon!... with the kind of whimsical laugh that wrinkles her freckled nose... the kind of smile that just can't help but make you want to smile as well. 

I Do

One could describe Shannon as fun and whimsical.  Another may describe her as having poise and class.  And they'd both be spot on.

I think Shannon gets it all from her mom!

And the Groom... Todd!  Hard working and a gentleman, if Todd needs to get something done, he isn't afraid to be creative and try something new to get the job done!

Not too long ago, both Todd and Shannon relocated to Montana for a job that Todd loves in agriculture.  You can see that country suits them both well!

Shannon was carried to her wedding ceremony in a horse drawn carriage!

There are many spots at Wolf Oak Acres to hold your wedding ceremony but the pond was the perfect place on that day because of the sunshine and beautiful autumn leaves!

Instead of lighting a unity candle, Shannon and Todd branded a piece of wood that they will put in their new home!

I LOVE this interaction!  The horse must have loved Shannon's bouquet as much as she did! Either that or they smelled really good!


Their wood brand... and this creative shot by my amazing second photographer Andrew!

Maybe Todd had enough of Shannon already?!... 

Shannon and Todd had a handful of things planned for their reception that really spiced it up and it entertaining.  One game they played was the Shoe Game.  If you haven't seen it before, the bride and groom sit back to back and they are read a list of questions such as "Who is more romantic?",  "Who made the first move?",  "Who is most likely to say 'I'm sorry' after an argument?", etc.   In answer to these questions, for example, if Shannon thinks that Todd is more romantic, she would raise up the black flip flip representing Todd.  If Todd thinks that  he is the one who made the first move, he would also raise the black flip flop to represent himself.  The fun part of this game is that neither know how the other is answering the questions! Good for laughs all around!

The Shoe Game

I love the look on Shannon's face in the bottom left photo that says, "Really?! You answered that question that way?!"  I love it!

Father Daughter Dance

Mother Son Dance

This made me laugh... when Shannon tossed her bouquet, it got stuck in the chandeliers!  Michael who owns MJDJ was awesome and carefully got it down!

Speaking of DJ's... honestly, you HAVE to check out MJ's DJ Services.  I would hands down recommend them first to everyone!  Not only did Mike play great music that the group at the party want, which I feel is base level service, but had a great personality and presence at the mic, completely loves his job and was very clearly into the music as you can see and was so nice all around. 


One game that Mike suggested to Shannon and Todd is called The Carriage Game.  Essentially there are two teams and each team had one king, one queen,  one coachman,  one horse, and a wheel.  Mike began the game by reading a story which included each of these characters and every time he would mention, for example, the king, the player that was designated as the king on each team would have to stand up and run around the row of chairs.  The two kings would race around the chairs in effort to beat the other one back into his seat.  The last man sitting would have to go to the bar and have a drink.  

It was entertaining.

It was chaotic.

It was even a little dangerous.

The Carriage Game

And it was completely and utterly hysterical!

One other thing the group did was a line dance to the song Copperhead Road by Steve Earle.  The best line dance I've ever seen... and check out Todd's heel click in the bottom photo!

We couldn't help but get a sunset and a night time shot for these two.

Shannon and Todd, we so enjoyed spending this day with you!  We wish you the very best and hope that married life is as fun as your wedding day was!

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