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I was so thrilled when Kim asked me to do her Senior Pictures this summer!  I have known and been friends with Kim throughout much of her high school  years.  It was so fun for me to be able to capture the smile and the personality that I've seen grow up... to really have the pictures portray who Kim is!  

Kim had mentioned that she loved the look of Franklin Square Park but wanted something a little more fresh... something she hasn't seen many of her classmates do.  So I suggested Emerson Park on Owasco Lake in Auburn!  

At times, Kim can come across as reserved and soft spoken, but get her with a few good friends and she outgoing and care free.  I loved this photo of her where she just let loose!

Being set on Owasco Lake isn't the only thing that Emerson Park has going for it.  With its pavilion right next to the Merry Go Round Playhouse, Emerson has a kind of "turn of the century" feel to it.  When I step onto its grounds and observe its black wrought iron lamps, fountains, fences and white pillars, I imagine big band music, people swing dancing, ladies parading around in their dresses and parasols.  Its a one of a kind spot. 

We also went down to the lake to do some photos along the shore and the beach!

Working super hard in high school, Kim is now looking into Liberty University as her college of choice!  

I am so looking forward to seeing what kind of adventures you have in the future Kim, whether its at Liberty, Los Angeles, or beyond, I'll be praying for you each step of the way!

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