Jon & Lydia's Senior Portraits | Class of 2016 - HHawkinsPhotography
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So here it is!... the highlights from Jon & Lydia's Senior Portrait Session, and gosh it was hard  to choose which ones to include!

Jon and Lydia are brother and sister that happen to be graduating the same year so it was only logical do a back to back session for them!  Enjoy the fun!

Lydia should seriously think about becoming a poster child for Coke!

Love the quick, genuine smiles from this guy!

And of course we had to get a handful of photos with them together!  So they could either sell Coke or make covers for music albums... at least that's my two sense!

And I so loved the styles of Jon and Lydia so I could pull out the more artsy side of both my photography and also their personalities.  The film strip below is so fun!

Dancing Queen... literally... she is dancing to The Dancing Queen.  Love it!

The expressions... love the surprise and the smiles.

Congratulations to both Jon and Lydia for all their hard work!  May God give you wisdom and insight for the future!

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