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Are you ready for this one? I always feel like starting my blogs with "I am so excited for you to see the amazing moments from James and Colleen's wedding day!"  And I am... so just get ready for lots of smiles and emotion!

One thing that Andrew and I connected with Colleen and James about right off that bat is that they are so nostalgic just like we are.  (They even remembered where Andrew and I had our first date!!! Now that's impressive!) But one thing that made their wedding day so special is the nostalgic things they had sprinkled throughout their day.  Colleen's wedding dress is purchased with the money that dear grandfather left to her.  Its in this way the he could be a part, present at their wedding.

I loved that Colleen and her mom did a "First Look"!  3 of the 4 photo credit goes to Molly Baldwin from MollyBaldwinPhotography who did an amazing job assisting Andrew and I that day!

James and his groomsmen were outside doing pictures across the street when Colleen went over to the window to have a peak.  How sweet the moment it is when it hits you that you're really getting married today.

And here is James getting ready!  James' cuff links were also Colleen's grandfather's... just another way to honor him.

We got lots of wedding pictures in downtown Syracuse including Armory Square and The MOST!

They made a great choice in getting ready at the Jefferson Clinton Hotel in downtown Syracuse!  So many amazing photo opportunities! 

Colleen's Dad also had a chance to see her before the ceremony... his little girl forever.

The ceremony was held at Le Moyne College in the chapel where both Colleen and James graduated from.  

Interestingly enough, these two met on a trip to Guatemala where after visiting a zoo, getting lost and having many others adventures together, the two became inseparable.   

Always nostalgic, they of course had their reception at Rosamond Gifford Zoo!  

If you haven't been able to tell already, both Colleen and James have a love for the little things in life, and walking around the zoo with them as they looked at the birds and the monkeys was no exception.  I just love the expression on her face!!!

Even if you weren't there to hear these amazing speeches by the Best Man, Maid of Honor and  Bridesmaid, you can guess what great stories were told!  And at the end, the girls presented James and Colleen with a book of stories written by their friends and family members.   That has to be one of the most thoughtful things I have ever seen  given at a wedding!

This s'mores wedding cake was made by James' aunt, and the cute cake toppers were made by Colleen herself!

I hope you enjoyed looking through these pictures as much as we enjoyed being a part of their day!  If you want, you can check out my other blogs here or contact me!

Check out the video version of their Storybook Wedding Album!

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