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Syracuse NY Wedding Photographer | Investment

As you can tell, we love weddings and we love art! If you’re looking for a wedding photographer, we’d love to hear from you. We’ll check our schedule to see if we’re available on your day and if we are, I’d love to meet up for coffee and hear about your day. Even though we are based out of Syracuse, NY we'll travel worldwide for weddings. In the past we have traveled to San Diego, Kentucky, Iowa, and the 1,000 Islands for weddings! Our prices start at $3,400 and what we have done is put together a handful of popular wedding package combinations but what often works better is when we sit down to have coffee, you tell me all that you would like included in your ideal wedding photography package and we will come up with a custom quote for you.  Contact me for further details!

Seniors and Families | Portrait Sessions

Memories and experiences aren’t important to capture only on your wedding day but throughout every stage of life. If you’re a high school senior, you’ll want to remember the friends and experiences you’ve had throughout high school, a time when life is so full of energy, a time where you can do anything with your future! You want your photos to different, fresh, show off your personality, even be a little edgy maybe. Check out my Seniors section of my Portfolio page and you’ll see how creative we can get. You let me know what you’re looking for and I’ll make it happen.

Maybe you’re a family of two expecting it to turn into a family of three, your little one is less than a week old, or they’re just learning to walk, everyone just grows up so fast. Before you know it your baby boy will turn 1, your little girl will be all into the nail polish stage and daughter will be packing for her first year of college... it all goes by so fast. I love to be able to get a family interacting naturally in front of the camera so that when you look at the photos you say, "Oh my gosh, that looks just like us!" Sessions can look a couple of different ways. For seniors, your session lengths can vary from an hour long that includes one location all the way up to 3 hours with multiple locations and outfits. For families, either we schedule a session that runs about an hour at a location that really fits your family’s personality or for a more organic feel, I also offer “A Day in the Life” sessions. For these experiences, I come to your house, often before your kids crawl out of bed and capture your family doing life together. Do you make Mickey Mouse pancakes together for breakfast? Does your son like to go to visit the elephants at the zoo? Will he be hungry for an ice cream cone after he’s seen the penguins? The possibilities are endless with this type of session.

Once we’ve captured some awesome images, let me help you choose the best way to display your photos so they don't just sit idle in a folder on your computer. Session prices begin at $125 and includes a pre-session phone consultation, session and time editing your photos. At the time of your booking, an Ordering Session will also be scheduled within two weeks of the session and all orders for wall art, albums, books, etc. will be placed at that time.  Contact me for further details!
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