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Your Wedding Story in Print

Think back to the times when you've visited your grandmother and all the stories she told of days gone by.  What does she have to remember these moments by?  Does she have a locket around her neck?  Does she have a few dusty black and white photographs to show you?  Did she keep a book of all the handwritten notes she and her love wrote to each other?  Does she treasure these objects as precious links to her past memories, friendships and experiences?  So now you're starting a family of your own.  Everything is fresh and new but as the years roll by and you have children and grandchildren of your own, what will you have to show them?  What will you have to help you remember some of the most important moments of your life?

I believe that every bride and groom should walk away from their wedding day with their first collection of family heirlooms.  Timeless art, whether for your coffee table or your wall will be a constant reminder to you of why you fell in love.   

Storybook Wedding Albums

A Storybook Wedding Album is one of the best art pieces to have to relive the experiences of your day.  Unlike a book that has as many pictures as can be fit onto one page, placed in no particular order, the Storybook Wedding Album captures moments of an experience so you can see the story of that experience unfold in front of you on one page.  So whether it's the sixty seconds it took you to walk down the aisle as you wiped tears from your face while your husband-to-be worked hard at hold back his, or you planned on giving your dog Lucy a quick kiss for the camera and were surprised at her reaction (check it out on my home page!) these moments are carefully designed in your album to tell these stories.  You see, when I take photos, I actually shoot with your album in mind.  So when we start taking Family Photos, I don't just click my shutter when everyone is all lined up and smiling at the camera.  No, I'm capturing every second as your grandmother slowly walks up you,  whispers something in your ear that makes you laugh and wraps her small arms around you, all before you get your "Family Portrait" taken.  These are natural, sweet moments that you'll want to keep forever.   I carefully design each album to tell your story in powerful and moving way.  One of the best ways to relive your wedding day experiences is through a beautiful, storytelling art book.

Enchanted Wall Art

As you begin your new life and build a home together, likely you'll need some home furnishings and a few things to hang on your bare walls.  If you're anything like the out-doorsy person that I am, I love to bring the outside in.  For me that means I have a handful of gorgeous landscape artwork hanging in our home.  Actually my love for the beauty of nature is the very thing that drew me to photography, so you'll often notice how I love to incorporate things like sunsets, castles and autumn color into my wedding photos.  What if you could find a beautiful landscape art piece that just so happened to also incorporate an intimate moment captured between you and your husband on your wedding day?  Often I'll also customize your art work digitally so that it looks much like a timeless painting. Fresh and frameless, your art can be displayed as one single image or a cluster of images.  

Engagement Photo Guest Book

Engagement photos are a great way to not only to celebrate your love in a fun, casual way but also to get to know your photographer a bit.  Often however, after I've used two or three of your images to design your Save the Date cards, the rest of your photos become forgotten and unused.  What better way to display your engagement photos than in your guest book?  Not only will you be able to enjoy them but your guests will be able to see them displayed as they leave you notes of congratulations.  And let's be realistic, if you have a guest book that only contains signatures, my guess is that you're not going to pull it off the shelf very often (like I never pull mine out!).   But if you combine these signatures and notes from your friends and family with the memories of your engagement, you'll likely never even put it on the shelf because it's out on the coffee table to enjoy.  

Save the Date Cards and Thank You Cards

Another great way to use your engagement or wedding photos is to let us custom design Save the Date and Thank You Cards!  You can let us know which images are your favorites and we'll take a theme from your wedding and pull it all together!  The result is a card that not only features your photos but also a background and feel that goes along with the theme of your wedding.  For example, if your theme and decorations include burlap and lace (see photos below) let us know that you'd like to see that theme incorporated into your cards.  At the moment we only have pictured our post cards but we also offer bi-fold cards that are left blank inside for you to write your thank you notes.  You can either do that or send your thank you's on a post card with a set message for everyone to save your hand from cramping and you the time!

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