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Welcome to Gene & Stacey's wedding blog post from the Timber Banks Golf Course in Baldwinsville, NY!  They had such a gorgeous summer day... I can't wait for you to see the pictures!

The Bride & Her Mom

Timber Banks Wedding Baldwinsville

The Bride's details... a pin made from her dad's overalls, her wedding shoes, earrings and of course, the wedding dress

Timber Banks Wedding Baldwinsville-2
Timber Banks Wedding Baldwinsville-6

Stacey & Gene both have a love for having a good, laid back , fun time.  This similar interest is exactly what brought them together in the first place where they met at Clark's Ale House in Syracuse.

Timber Banks Wedding Baldwinsville-11

Stacey and Gene had their First Look before the ceremony. I just LOVE the emotion and excitement that each of them had that day!

Because we did a First Look we were able to take lots of time before the ceremony to capture awesome pictures all over the golf course!  Some of my favorites were taken on their docks!

Timber Banks Wedding Baldwinsville-25
Timber Banks Wedding Baldwinsville-24
Timber Banks Wedding Baldwinsville-26
Timber Banks Golf Course Wedding Baldwinsville

And check out Stacey's amazing wedding bouquet!  She made it herself with a variety of broaches and pearls!

Timber Banks Wedding Baldwinsville-34

Their wedding ceremony was held right down by the Seneca River... it was absolutely gorgeous!

Timber Banks Wedding Baldwinsville-50
Timber Banks Wedding Baldwinsville-54
Timber Banks Wedding Baldwinsville-75
On the Green of Timber Banks Baldwinsville NY
Timber Banks Golf Flag with Bride and Groom

Their wedding reception was held inside this tent... 

Timber Banks Wedding Baldwinsville-80

Not only does Timber Banks do a great job at decorating the inside of the tent but Stacey had come up with all sorts of amazing decorations in the pastel colors she had chosen for her wedding!

And the cupcake table... oh my goodness... hands down my favorite cake table I have ever seen thus far.  It helps that pastels are also my favorite and that cupcake trees  are something I'd chose any day of the week.  I must have spent 20 minutes photographing this table making sure I  had adequately captured the adorableness of this space!

Timber Banks Wedding Baldwinsville-70

Can you get over the cuteness!  The cake and cupcakes were made by The Gingersnap Bakery!

Timber Banks Wedding Baldwinsville-76
Timber Banks Wedding Baldwinsville-89
Timber Banks Wedding Baldwinsville-90
Timber Banks Wedding Baldwinsville-93

The other thing that makes Timber Banks a great spot for your wedding is that you can actually capture sunset pictures here.  Other places you may have trees, buildings or hill in the way of the sunset, but not here!

Timber Banks Wedding Baldwinsville-92

I'm so glad you stopped by Gene & Stacey's Wedding blog!  Be sure to share this blog around with friends and family but please don't copy pictures or crop the watermark out.  If you'd like to check out my other blogs you can find them here and contact me here with any questions you may have! 

Congratulations to you two!  May you enjoy just as much happiness for the rest of your lives as you did on this day.

Timber Banks Wedding Baldwinsville-91

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