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I still love the story about how Taylor and Elizabeth met in preschool.  As Taylor's mom told it at their wedding, Taylor came home from school one day and said that Beth reminded him of Snow White and one day he was going to marry her!  And ladies and gentlemen, here I am, posting a blog of Taylor doing just that!  

I love this sign that Taylor's mom put up in the yard and kept updated every day leading up to the wedding!

With Beth's dark curls on her wedding day, you could certainly have called her Snow White!

Bride Getting Ready!

The Wedding Dress

One of the absolute sweetest things about this wedding for me was how close each member of Taylor and Beth's family are... this even includes extended family.  You'll see Beth's mom in the royal blue robe and Beth's aunt helping her with her bridal jewelry.

With a three cousins, a sister in law to be and two friends, they made a tight knit group!

Yes, the flower girl is literally helping Beth put her shoes on.  Completely adorable!

The First Look of the Mothers and Bridesmaids!

Taylor and Beth held their wedding ceremony and reception at Ventosa Vineyards in Geneva, NY, one of my personal favorite wedding spots!

And now on to Prince Charming... the one who got to marry the princess!

A letter from Taylor...

A gift from Daddy's little girl

The First Look between Beth and her dad.  You can just see how much this family loves and supports each other.

Mom, Grandma, and the Groom!

Here Comes the Bride!

The Ring Exchange

Their epic Wedding Party!

After all, the Prince did marry Snow White

True to their Italian heritage, they chose to be married at Ventosa but flavored their reception with a travel theme!

The First Dance

I loved how Beth and her dad did the Father Daughter Dance!  And the expression on mom's face as she looks on....

And the Mother Son dance.

Again, a close knit family...Taylor's cousins even shared a few sweet words at the reception.  

Much later in the evening, Beth's dad and brothers had quite a surprised planned for her and all there.  Her brothers built this so her dad could stand up and dance with Beth while her brothers swept them across the dance floor.  There really are no words to describe this sweet moment... thankfully a picture is worth a thousand.

And then her dad got to dance with his bride...

Not one dry eye in the whole room... not even mine or Andrew's.

You two are some of the sweetest people there are Beth and Taylor!  We wish you the very best and an amazing happily ever after!

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